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Demographic Changes and job opportunities: health care and services for childcare and an ageing population

In the framework of the European Year on Active Ageing, an interactive debate is taking place on April 24th at the Radisson Blu EU in Brussels between institutions, academics and companies.

Edenred has decided to launch a new concept of lively exchanges on European Societal needs called Policies and Practices, in partnership with Toute l’Europe.

Demographic Changes: health care and services for childcare and an ageing population

April 24th at the Radisson Blu EU

Rue d’Idalie 35, 1050 Brussels

8.30 am - 10 am

The principle is simple: during a balanced breakfast, two speakers, one from the institutional or political scene and one from the research and technical field will share their views and initiatives on specific issues. The public will be invited to ask any questions and testify on their own experiences.

The novelty lies on the medium term vision proposed. Every year, we will come back on the past conclusions to identify the real actions that took place after the identification phase of the needs and expectations.

In the current context of societal and economical changes in the EU, three main topics have been selected:

  • Jobs opportunities in 2020
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources (HR): complementarities of policies within companies
  • The development of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for common interest

Issues from these fields will be analyzed through three sessions each.

For the first event, on April 24th, Jean-François Lebrun, head of unit “Working Conditions and adaptation to change in the DG Employment, Social Afffairs and Equal Opportunites of the European Commission will exchange with Dr Erika Schulz, Economist and researcher at the German Institute for Economic Research . The audience will be invited to share their views and experience on “Demographic Changes: health care and services for childcare and an ageing population” with the moderation of the journalist Nigel Griffiths.

The session will focus on:

  • Demographic changes and consequences on society
  • Job opportunities and growth creation in care services
  • Access to quality and affordable care services for all

Society is indeed facing demographic changes (ageing of the population, female participation to labour market, family fragmentation, urbanization, changes in lifestyle, etc.) that have consequences on citizens’ responsibility and needs, in particular in terms of childcare and eldercare. Due to the current lack of care services, more and more citizens are shouldering the responsibility of one or more dependents.

Furthermore, from 2012 onwards the working age population will start to shrink. To ensure the sustainability of European welfare systems, more people need to work.

The debate will be the occasion to raise awareness and share ideas on the necessity to develop adapted services, which might be an opportunity to boost job creation and help to meet the employment target of the Europe 2020 strategy : “75 % of the population aged 20-64 should be employed by 2020” .

For more information and to register for these events : policiesandpractices.eu

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